The Team


Sarah Borden

Sarah brings over 30 years of experience helping organizations improve.  She held leadership and consulting positions at Hewlett Packard, Storage Technology, Anderson Consulting (Accenture), and DirecTV prior to starting CCI.  She specializes in building cultures that embrace innovation and continuous improvement.  Specific areas of expertise include organizational design, process improvement, change management, strategic planning, executive coaching, and group facilitation.

Carter Tetons

Carter Borden, PhD

Carter has a broad background in water resource management and natural sciences with over 28 years of experience in hydraulic, hydrologic, fluvial geomorphic, hydro-economic, and environmental research and consulting.  Carter’s water resource management experience includes project management and technical lead on many water systems throughout the western United States, Canada, India, Nepal, Australia, Chile, Suriname, Tanzania, and Rwanda.   Carter’s current focus is IWRM through developing decisions support systems and the application of the Integrated Hydro-Ecological Tool (iHEAT), implementation of decision support systems, water-energy-food security studies, and analytical solutions to address water quantity and quality issues. In addition, Carter is working to develop citizen science and crowd-sourced solutions to increase awareness of citizens and water management agencies on water quality conditions in developing countries.